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Some Powerful Characters And Their Special Moves In Injustice 2 Game


Aquaman is a Power User in the game. The Aquaman is a hybrid that possesses innumerable powers which are well above the average of both species – human and Atleantean. He can breathe and survive underwater and has amazing strength, durability, and stamina to withstand deep pressure of the ocean depths. This makes him stand tough in front of stronger opponents. His ability to control and command everything in the sea like giant crabs, sharks, etc. is commendable. Some of his special moves are; Trident Rush, Water Shield, Trident Scoop, From the Deep, etc.


A leader of the Red Lantern Corps, the Atrocitus has the ability to grab the enemy and emit fire on their face. Thus, forcing them to bend down, then he launches them upwards by kicking on their jaws. Some of his special moves are Rage Charge, Napalm Vomit, Blood-Nado, etc. In the Napalm Vomit move, he can vomit blood on the enemy; thus, causing damage over time. With the Life Drain move, he can replenish his own health by draining it from his enemy. The Siphon Power move will make him drain his enemy’s super meter.


Classified as a Gadget User, the Batman is one of the most dangerous playable characters of the game. He has mastered almost every martial art and trained his mind to solve all kinds of problems. The Straight Grapple move will let him fire a grappling hook towards the enemy. Once it connects, he can reel towards the enemy and deliver an airborne kick. In this Batarang move, he can pull out two Batarangs and throw them at his enemy. With the Up Batarang move, he will be able to throw the Batarang into the air. The Scattar Bombs move will let him jump into the air and release small explosives.

Black Canary:

Black CanaryBlack Canary has similar moves to that of Batman, which allows her to easily take on an entire gang of opponents and emerge as a victor. She has physically trained herself well and this has provided her with considerable agility and stamina to fight in the battlefield. In her Sonic Scream move, she can jump into the air and scream on her enemy with her Canary Cry. This will force the enemy to get down to their knees. She then reaches the ground and bicycle kicks the enemy into the air. Then, she jumps again to the air and slams them into the ground with her Canary Cry. The last step of her move is to kill the enemy with a powerful punch.


Catwoman is one of the fastest fighters in the game. She has trained herself to peak physical conditions, which makes her fast and nimble. Being an incredibly talented gymnast, she can powerfully face the opponents while showing her vigor. Her real ability can be seen in the special moves that she performs. In Cat Claws move, she can extend her claws to swipe the enemy and throw them into the air. Her Straight Whip move will enable her to crack her whip in front; thus, knocking her enemy down. With her Low Feline Evade move, she can hop into the air; thereby avoiding all low attacks and projectiles. In the Car Stance move, she can perform any of these three attacks – Cartwheel, Whip Attack, or Pounce.


The Cyborg is a Power User in the game who has superhuman strength and durability that is high enough to trade and survive blows from the enemy. His real talent is computer skills, with which he can coordinate massive attacks, hack almost all security systems and can take complete control of it. With his Nova Blaster move, he can modify his arm into cannon and blast a yellow orb of energy. To fire a blast of energy in the air, he can make use of his Air Nova Blaster move. The Power Fist move will let him transform his right arm into a huge mechanical fist that can uppercut his opponent. The Sonic Disrupter move will enable him to modify his arm into cannon and eject several powerful sonic waves onto the enemies.

Captain Cold:

Captain Cold acquires a cold gun that can generate a cold field at zero temperatures. It can also fire streams of ice as beams, thereby creating ice wherever they strike. Some of his special moves include Cold Blast, wherein he can shoot an icy shard out of his gun at the enemy. The Wall move will let him create a wall of ice in front of him, thus saving him from the opponent. With the Big Freeze move, he can fire an icy shot at the enemy’s legs. To charge up his guns for increasing damages caused from his moves, he needs to use the Cyclotron Charge move. In the Glacier Grenade move, he can shoot a small grenade out of his gun. It then emits a large icy field that can slowly hurt the enemy and eventually freeze him. If you don’t have enough resources to get this character try using Injustice 2 Hack.

Poison Ivy:

Poison Ivy makes use of her plants to help her in her attacks. She uses methods such as poison, tendrils, and some unique creatures made from her plants. She is extremely strong and has the capability to fight bare handed with her opponents. In her Kiss of Death move, she grabs the enemy’s face as she is about to kiss them. Then, she slaps on their face and puts them down. In the Vine Drill move, she summons a vine in the ground to hit the enemy. The Datura Hammer move lets her use 4 different attacks – Straight Attack, Low Attack, Uppercut Attack, and Meter Burn Attack. She even has the capability to turn her skin into bark so that he can take less damage, and for that she makes use of the Rhytidome Skin move. In the Bed of Thorns move, she plants thorns on the ground. This can damage the enemy as soon as they step in it; thus, causing a lot of damage.

The Flash:

injustice 2 the flashThis playable character is classified as a Gadget user. It relies entirely upon his speed to fight, by literally running circles around slower enemies. His main source of power is known as the Speed Force. He can run well past the speed of light and is faster than Superman. In his Speed Dodge move, he vibrates at high speeds, which makes him intangible for some time. In the Lightning Charge move, he can thrust his entire body forward while surrounded by electricity, head butting his enemy in the abdomen. To deliver a swift lightning charged kick to his enemy, he can make use of the Lightning Kick move. The Flying Uppercut move is similar to the Lightning Charge move. Another amazing move of the Flash is to grab the enemy, punch him repeatedly, run back, and again reappear behind them to deliver a sudden elbow jab to their back which will send them forward.

Green Lantern:

He is a playable character and is classified as a Power User. He can use his power ring to create any object he imagines into solid green light. The Green Lantern possesses a powerful force of will that allows him to wield the most powerful weapon in the universe. In the Oa’s Rocket move, he fires a green colored missile shaped construct at his enemy. This construct can be fired from the air. In the Rocket Power move, he fires two missile constructs from above his head at his opponent. In the Minigun move, he can summon a minigun construct and open fire on his enemy. To summon a large turbine construct from the air and ram it into his enemy, he will have to use the Turbine Smash move. In the Battery Blast move, he pulls his Power Battery and fires a single energy blast from it.


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